A Classy, Yet Spooky Affair

POSTED Oct 18, 2016

Fall has finally arrived! Changing of the seasons... This spooky holiday is right around the corner… Halloween!

We’ve all been to those type A Halloween parties that were thrown together without any thought, we’re talking card board cut outs, plastic cups and some paper pumpkin decoration taped to the wall.

Well, in order to ensure your Halloween party isn’t a total disaster, we’ve compiled some fun tips and tricks that will guarantee your function is the most talked about shindig all season. So ditch the plastic cups, stock up on glitter & gold and get ready to throw a “Killer” party.  

Here are some classy yet spooky ideas for your next Halloween party.  

Legitimate Looking Witch Broom That is Simple to Make!

What you will need

- Hemp rope 

- Hand held saw

- Glue gun 

- A little dedication 

First, you will need to find a solid long stick that you can use for the main broom piece (4-5 feet long).

Second, find 20-30 smaller twigs to gather around the bottom side of the broom stick (1 foot)

Third, use your glue gun to bond each twig up and around the bottom of you broom stick, layering as you go (place twigs high for a better look and more sturdy application).

Fourth, Wrap your twine around the upper section of your twigs several times then repeat an inch below. 

Golden Chic Skeletons?! I Say YES! 

What you will need

- Gold Spray paint 

- Glue gun or super glue  

- Classy black top hat 

First, find the area that you would like your skeleton to sit or stand (I prefer the entry way to make a big statement).

Second, take your skeletal friend outside and spray paint him gold "back to life"!  

Third, Glue his posture and top hat the way that suits you best. 

Fourth, arrange and enjoy the compliments! 

Metallic & Sparkle Baby Pumpkins! 

What you will need

- Glitter (Black, Silver or Orange) 

- Metallic spray paint (Rose Gold)

- Three tiered cookie or fruit stand  

First, Pick out the perfect mixture of small and super small pumpkins (more variety the better).

Second, take your baby pumpkins outside and go to town with your glitter, glue and spray paint. 

Third, arrange your pumpkins sitting in all different positions and include a few fake spiders! 

Written by: Shelby Mons