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POSTED Jan 23, 2017
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Deciding whether or not a destination wedding is right for you, can be a bit of a conundrum, or it may simply seem like a very obvious option… Either way, I'm here to guide you with some insight regarding each end of the spectrum.

Leaving for a foreign place to tie the knot is easy to fantasize about. The scenery for the perfect photo, a beautiful place to return to for your anniversaries, even making it easy to narrow down your guest list, if that's what you're aiming for. There are a lot of brides who decide to go with a destination wedding and will often throw a reception upon their return home! It all seems like a glamorous dream, but what about the down sides to traveling outside the country?

A destination wedding needs a great deal of thought put into it. Are you going over seas? Will you be traveling domestically? There are a number of important questions you must ask yourself.

First off, traveling with kids and the elderly can be a bit of extra stress. Kiddos can also make it tough when it comes to finding a resort that accepts anyone under the age of 18. There were a lot of resorts and hotels I came across that are “adult only”. Even babies need passports now, no longer will a simple birth certificate suffice. 

For most of us, we have a budget, so if you decided to go with a destination wedding, you must remember that the location you choose to say “I do”, will most likely be the same place you'll be spending your honeymoon.  

Now let’s talk décor, yes, you may be in a spectacular place and think – “I don’t even need décor, I’ll let the landscape do all the talking!”  That's great, but for those of you who are like me, you will want some elegant floral designs at your wedding. If you choose to travel, you might have to plan on shipping your floral’s to the destination your wedding will be held - And that can get costly

Speaking of costly, let’s talk TIME! If you really want to do a destination wedding the right way, you are going to need some serious planning skills. You see, different countries have different requirements. We are talking about the not so cute stuff – The legalities of this holy matrimony! You will always need to check the legal paperwork required in the country you choose. Most of the time, you will ALWAYS need your birth certificate. If you have been divorced, you will also need to bring prove the marriage is legally over.

So! What I'll leave you with is this - If you are thinking about a destination wedding, travel domestically! It ‘s a lot less of a logistical nightmare and you can still choose a new and exciting scene to celebrate your special day.

Here in Jacksonville, Florida, we offer some pretty amazing locations, a few of those being The Omni Hotel at Amelia Island and Historical Downtown Saint Augustine. Here at PRI Productions, we work directly in these areas and can take care of all of your needs, whether you’re a local or visiting.

Let us help you plan the wedding of your dreams, make your life easy and your wedding day truly amazing…

Written by: Shelby Mons