Inside Our Floral Department With Jerry Kordek

POSTED Oct 31, 2016
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Flowers and plants seem to posses the magic to light up a space and bring a certain energy to a room. When it comes to events, floral design plays a major role in creating a specific atmosphere...

Today, we are going to dive behind the scenes of PRI Productions floral department and tag along with the head floral designer, Jerry Kordek .

Jerry has been a part of the PRI Productions team since 2012. His parents were both florists before he was even born and Jerry's love for botanical life came about at the early age of just 5 years old. At 21, he decided to join his family retail flower shop. 

"I grew up learning and dealing with floral retail trade in our family shop until the age of 35. It was at that time I went through a divorce and sold the family shop to Kuhn Flowers. I had grown tired of working the front end of retail and wanted to try free lance designing. That was until I discovered my true passion – The excitement and rewards of doing events, events of all types and sizes, where the work is different each and every day. It happened as I was speaking with a local wholesaler about who in town was the biggest and best. That is when I was told of PRI Productions. I pursued an opening in their floral department and eventually was hired. This particular position offers a lot of what I love to do and has expanded my experience in the world of event production."

Jerry Berry 15

In the time of me spending just a few hours, in what seems to be a mystical garden (aka his office), I came to recognize the wild passion he carried for not just his work but in the way he worked. 

He was able to turn his occupation, that included many design aspects, into a simply pure form of artwork. 

Jerry is a very zippy fellow, who is always on the move and ready to complete his next bright idea. Those ideas seem to pour in one after another… 

I couldn’t seem to take but a few pictures of Jerry and his cherished plants, with out him turning into a blurry mess come each photo! I actually had to ask the guy to slow down!  

I soon made the obvious assumption in regards to his position being so much more than just a skill set and job. To Jerry, it is truly a passion and an eye that he has been blessed with. This passion keeps him moving in the way he does, keeps his designs all so different and yet so updated and never dull.

Written & photographed by: Shelby Mons