David Vega Sr. - PRI Productions
David Vega Sr.

David Vega Sr.

Human Resource Director

Hobbies:I really enjoy playing all sports (basketball, football, baseball, boxing, etc.) Creating memorable experiences with my children by taking them to different beaches, amusement parks, lakes, springs and occasionally binge watching a Netflix series usually picked by my eldest daughter.
Favorite Sports Team: New York Yankees, New York Giants and the New York Knicks my father Is from Brooklyn NY
Favorite Movie Quote: "Things happen for a reason"
Fun Fact: I have visited Las Vegas 10 times and each time I would win enough to cover the entire trip with at least 5k extra all from playing Texas Holdem.

I am a loving father of 5 beautiful children, 2 older boys and 3 daughters. Over the past 20 years I have run multimillion-dollar retail companies such as Kohls in Fleming Island, J.C. Penny In the Avenues, and most recently Ross in Oakleaf. In my experiences I find myself connecting with all types of people while helping them grow within the company and in their life. I always challenge myself to provide a great working atmosphere with support, resources and encouragement.