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Podcast Notes

On this week’s episode we sat down with some of top players in the Jacksonville music industry, Chris Thomas (Chris Thomas Band), Aaron Thomas (The Band Be Easy), and Niko Costas (Real Time Management). We chatted about what the life of a musician is like in today’s world, what it takes to live in this culture and the hurdles of being a full time entertainer.

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Chris Thomas is the lead singer of The Chris Thomas Band, one of the area’s most well known acts. The Chris Thomas band is known for their covers of everything from Sinatra to Soul with electricity across the stage. Their music can be found on iTunes, Youtube and more.

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Aaron Thomas is a lead vocalist of The Band Be Easy, known for a wide musical range and soulful tunes. In addition to popular covers and dance party hits the group records their own original tracks with albums available on iTunes. Watch their cover of “Benny and the Jets,” mentioned in the episode here.



Niko Costas is the founder and director of Real Time Management, an artists firm specializing in talent acquisition, band management, and event production. Niko is a musician himself, formerly playing drums with local band Side Reel.

Niko Costas - FestForums SB 19

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