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Rental Description

The Bosch CCS-CU Control Unit is the central power and control station for all CCS 900 Ultro Conference System contributor units, such as the chairman and delegate units. The control unit will supply power for up to 50 delegate / chairman units, and provide control for up to 150. The unit features a built in speaker and automated, programmable control over contributor units without the need for an operator. Plenty of connections allow for interfacing within paging systems, amplifier systems, recording devices and more. The unit is feature rich, however its control section is straightforward and intuitive to operate in any conference setting.

The following 5 modes can be chosen using a rotary control on the unit’s top panel:

  • Open mode – allows selection of one to four microphones (excluded chairmen microphones) which can be simultaneously active
  • Open mode with auto-switch-off – allows selection of one to four microphones (excluded chairmen microphones) which can be simultaneously active. If the delegate does not speak for 30 seconds, microphones are automatically switched off
  • Override mode – delegates can override each other simply by activating their microphones. Only one microphone can be active at any one time. (Note: In override mode, delegates cannot override chairmen)
  • Chairman only mode – only chairmen can speak. Delegate microphones cannot be activated, even when a chairman is not speaking
  • Test mode – checks if system connections are correct. All microphone light rings and contribution unit LEDs light up to indicate that units are properly connected

Supplies Power for up to 50 Contribution Units

The CU has two trunk outputs for the loop-through connection of contribution units. It is possible to connect 25 contribution units to each trunk output, with a maximum system cable length of 109.3 yards (100m).

Provides Control for up to 150 Contribution Units

Up to 3 CUs can be used together in a discussion system to power and control a maximum of 150 contribution units. In this configuration a single CU acts as a master controller for the entire system.

Built-in Monitor Loudspeaker

The built-in monitor loudspeaker and headphone socket allow the conference to be monitored.

Interfaces the System With External Equipment

The following equipment can be interfaced to the CCS Ultro Discussion System through the CU:• External wired or wireless microphone – for guest speakers or audience participation. (Note: The external microphone is muted when the priority button on a chairman unit is pressed, and when the system is operating in ‘chairman only’ mode)• External PA system – for transmitting the proceedings to an audience in the same room or an adjacent room• Tape recorder – for external recording and playing back meetings and discussions• Audio equipment – for providing background music • Telephone coupler – to allow a remote delegate to participate via telephone• External audio processing – an insertion connector is provided

Controls and Indicators

  • Mains on/off switch
  • Graphical display for status information (CCS‐CURD)
  • 5 soft buttons for configuration and control of the built-in MP3 recorder (CCS‐CURD)
  • Loudspeaker volume control, for setting output level of loudspeakers of contribution units. This control also determines the maximum level for the headphone outputs of the contribution units and the CU.
  • Microphone mode rotary switch, for setting the number of simultaneously active microphones, and selecting one of the four operation modes (plus test mode)
  • Power on LED
  • On/off switch for digital acoustic feedback suppression facility (CCS‐CUD, CCS‐CURD)
  • Microphone input gain adjustment
  • External recorder input gain adjustment
  • Insertion connector bypass switch
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