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When it comes to finding tables for rent in Jacksonville, FL, we have got you covered. We have the largest inventory of rental items and a delivery fleet to match; we are able to accommodate even the largest events. We rent tables, chairs, table linens, dinnerware and catering items, and tents among thousands of other rentals in our inventory available to you.

We have a variety of tables for rent in different shapes and sizes. The first step when you’re looking for table rentals is to determine the shape of the table.

Table Shapes

Among our inventory, our table shapes include circle, half circle, rectangle, square, and serpentine tables in a variety of sizes and materials. If there if a different table you need, there is a chance we can get it or custom build it if we don’t already have it. Typically, the reason you need to rent tables will determine what shape you go with.

For instance, you may want to rent circle tables if you are having a wedding, have a large event with food and want people to converse, or anything else. Rectangle tables can also be used to serve food, but are especially common for people to sit and hand information out at such as a registration or help area. There are no limitations on what shape of table you have to use, but some tables work better for specific functions than others.

After you have determined the shape of the table, next will be the size of it. The size of the table depends on the use, and the number of people you want around it.

For instance, if you are having a wedding and want to fit 8 people per table, you will want a 60-inch table. If you wanted 10 people per table, you would be better off with a 72-inch. However, if you are throwing an event and want people to be standing and offer a table to sit their drinks or food on, you may be inclined to use a 36-inch highboy table.

Table Sizes

As a standard, here’s the number of people that can fit per table size:

  • Round
    • 48-inch – 5 to 6
    • 60-inch – 8 to 10
    • 72-inch – 10 to 12
  • Rectangle
    • 4′ – 4
    • 6′ – 6 to 8
    • 8′ – 8 to 10
  • Highboy
    • 24-inch – 3
    • 30-inch – 3 to 4
    • 36-inch – 3 to 4
  • Square
    • 60-inch – 8
  • Half Round
    • 60-inch – 4
    • 72-inch – 5

If you need help or an opinion of what would be best, give us a call at 904-398-8179 or contact us below. We offer free quotes and will be happy to assist you with all of your Jacksonville table rental needs.

After you have decided the shape and size table you are looking to rent, you need to know the quantity and logistics. Those simple questions are: How many tables do you need, when do you need them by, and when can we drop them off and pick them up? These questions are straightforward, and can easily be solved by the number of people attending the event or will be seated at the tables.

After you have the tables in mind, you may also need chairs, table linens, and dinnerware and catering items. We also have these items in our inventory with a variety of selection.

See our entire selection of tables for rent in Jacksonville here. You can build an idea board and add all the items you want to it, and request a free quote when you’re done building it!

If you have any questions or would like to get a free quote on any of our items, give us a call at 904-398-8179 or contact us below.

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