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If you’re looking for wedding décor in Jacksonville, you’ve come to the right place. We carry all of the time-honored wedding necessities you may need, as well as unexpected and custom decorative pieces that will make your wedding reflect your own unique style in a stunning way.

Drapery and Ceiling Treatments:

We have an extensive supply of drapery such as crushed velour and chiffon in a wide array of colors available for you to use in many different applications. Drapery creates a finished look when cutting off areas or creating separate rooms. Ceiling treatments are also a beautiful and creative way to create a clean and elegant atmosphere. 

Centerpieces and Floral:

Floral designs are the most impactful decorative pieces when it comes to creating a mood for your wedding.  We have our own in-house floral department with a team of professional centerpiece and floral designers. They create custom centerpieces from scratch and always go the extra mile to find and customize the right items for a precise and perfect look. They focus on your vision while creating these works of art, and constantly strive for excellence when decorating your ceremony or reception.


Set the mood of your wedding with our extensive supply of professional lighting equipment! We are proud to offer an assortment of top-of-the-line lighting equipment types such as conventional, LED, automated, special effects, dimmers, crystal chandeliers, string lights and even lighting balloon systems. Our teams of lighting professionals can design, implement and produce a jaw-dropping lighting display. With our rentals and expertise, your wedding is sure to shine brighter than the rest!

Linens, Tables & Chairs:

We have the largest selection of tables, chairs and linens for you to choose from in the Jacksonville, FL area to give your wedding all the seating you’ll need. We want our clients to have the freedom to choose almost any design that they want and we pride ourselves in bringing your unique dreams to life. Tables, chairs and linens are much more than just a place to sit and pretty fabric to look at; they set the tone for socialization and gives your wedding a cohesive well put together look.

Archways and Arbors:

Make your wedding extraordinary and say “I do” under our custom made archways and arbors! We take great pride in our elegant, decorative style and we always have our clients in mind while creating them. We have a wide selection of archways for you choose from that can be decorated in any fashion that you like. You can take pleasure in knowing that you and your special someone with be held in the highest honor when surrounded by such a beautiful work of art.

Custom Décor Pieces:

Do you have a custom decorative piece in mind for your wedding or an idea but not sure how to implement it? Look no further! Our teams of creative event professionals are always thinking of ways to make your special day more unique. We have a custom scenic design shop where we can create large or small décor items. If you want a stunning wedding, come see what we have to offer.

While we offer a wide selection of wedding decorations in the Jacksonville area, we also provide wedding services such as wedding planning, day of coordination and more.

Wedding Planning:

Our teams of professional Jacksonville wedding planners have successfully produced and carefully decorated countless weddings. They will handle all of the details such as finding your ideal venue, custom table designs and day-of coordination to ensure that your big day is a complete success.

Upon first contacting us, you will be assigned to an event producer who will best be able to assist you. From there, your wedding planner will plan a consultation with you to determine your wants and needs. Then they will provide you with an itemized quote and custom creative proposal of all the aspects of your wedding.

After accepting our proposal, your wedding planner will work with you each step of the way to keep you updated on all the developments of your wedding. Our team of event professionals and set-up crew work together to give you the specialized attention that you deserve. When your special day arrives, you can rest assured that it will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

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